FUMAS Full-Report

Saturday, March 30 1 comments

These are all reported from my opinion as a full-time FUMAS reporter.

BEST TEAM - All teams deserved to be the best team. ChemE won the league, Scully FC proved a tremendous comeback to the league, Raptors resolved struggles within, Biceps created joy and love and colourfulness.

TOP SCORER - Shukry. Most goals are through precision and shot power, neither too close nor too far.

BEST GOAL - Indubitably, it is the goal from Salman. You never see that kind of goal elsewhere. Top corner of goal post from a full-style way of kicking the ball. It is unexpected, super breathtaking goal.

SECOND ALL-TIME TOP GOAL SCORER - Galmier. Lesser shots, more goals. Now our Sports Director. 

OLDEST PLAYER - Ponnu. Nuff said.

MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAYER - I will say, Ikram. Unique style, perfect positioning and balance. Reunion.

MOST IMPACT ON BALL - Naveen. His shooting is yet the most powerful and deafening. 

Most ponteng player

MOST OVER-RATED PLAYER - Doing thorough research on this, it can be said that some of the candidates are Husaini, Anas, Fathuddin and Qayyum.

HIGHEST SPIRIT - Timothy, Eddy, Syed Zulfaqar

REPORTER AWARD - Amir Fakh. This is the reason why ChemE won.

(Anas Faris)

FUMAR introduced to investigate Andres Bobotelli

Friday, November 30 2 comments


1. A new council introduced to investigate Andres Bobotelli who denied Fathuddin's goal in the first game. He also made a slow back pass, giving chance to the opponent to get goal. This is something being investigated by Futsal Masat Anti-Rasuah (FUMAR) led by OP.

Controversy face, controversy referee, controversy player

2. Haikal continues dominating the top scorer list
3. ChemE to play all-out against Raptors



Scully FC




Futsal MASAT Fantasy

Top FUMFA Week 2 Scorers

Hafizul Faiz (49) - Win $5 Coupon
Syed Zulfaqar (47)
Husaini Bob (46)
Shukry (46)
Eddy Arief (45)
Syahmi Leh (45)
Manveer (44)
Fathuddin (43)
Calvin (43)
Salman (43)
Amir Fakh (42)
Naveen (41)

*Score below 40 will not be shown

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FUMFA Week 1 Result

Saturday, November 17 1 comments

Thanks for those who entered FUMFA Week 1. The result is as below:

Winner: Muhammad Husaini (55) - Win $5 MY Canada Games / Malaysian Bazaar Coupon

Syahmi Leh (48)
Salman (45)
Manveer (45)
Naveen (42)
Calvin (42)
Zulfaqar (41)
OP (39)
Amir (34)

Fantasy FUMAS Week 2


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